Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My sister, the murderer

That's a field mouse, similar to the one I found crawling on my office bookshelf at 3am last night. I'd known there was some creature in the building, cause I always hear it scurrying about after 2am. I was so excited to finally see the little guy that I had to tell my sister. "I have a pet field mouse living in my office", I texted to her. She was asleep, so I didn't receive a reply...until today. When I got to the office building, I learned that mouse traps had been placed throughout the facility, including one in my office, to kill the little guy. MANDY! I texted her, "Did you snitch?" Mandy: "Sort of."

FYI, don't ever tell Mandy if you get a new pet...she'll put a bounty on its head.